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Certificates: provide a direct access to almost all global markets and are very flexible instruments to pursue an individual risk management. Certificates enable investors to participate directly in exotic markets or in the purchase of stocks with a discount. Certificates are obligations issued by Deutsche Bank with the redemption depending on the development of the so-called underlying, which could be a single stock, a basket of several stocks or an index but as well commodities like gold for example. The mode of redemption is exactly determined right from the beginning of the transaction.


Structured Bonds

Structured Bonds: the optimization of the investment in bonds. Structured bonds are usually characterized by a fixed redemption and a variable coupon. The object is to achieve a higher yield than government bonds with a comparable maturity by optimizing the calculation method of the coupon.


Investment Funds

Investment Funds: X-markets provides a large variety of intelligent structured funds which cover all major asset classes such as stocks, bonds, hedge funds and commodities. Investment funds constitute an independent asset with a special trust function and do therefore not depend on the credit standing of the issuer. Furthermore, X-markets funds allow tax-efficient investments in quantitative strategies.



Warrants give investors leveraged exposure to a wide range of underlyings. X-markets is providing one of the most comprehensive product ranges in the world. Ranging from plain vanilla warrants on stocks, indices up to warrants on commdities and hedge fund products. Knock-Out warrants (Waves) and other exotic pay offs are available and widely traded.

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