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Norsk Hydro: At the moment there are no products with a Knock-out close to 0.0000.

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As a result of the introduction of Section 871(m) of the US Internal Revenue code on 1 Jan 2017 we will temporarily suspend the issuance of in-scope (Delta-1) products, and will also mark existing ‘legacy’ products as sold-out and price on a bid-only basis.

This will avoid any potential risk of double taxation (where both the issuer and custodian banks might withhold the same tax amounts) and will protect the interests of end investors until such time as a common approach is agreed by all industry participants. The industry works on a consistent solution at a high priority.

Trade Radar Signals

Heating Oil Future
Steigender Keil Long
Triggered today at 17:26
-9,894.90% above the Signal price of 196.00 USD
Nikkei 225
Slingshots Long
Triggered today at 17:01
-0.04% above the Signal price of 23,475.00 pts.
Kreuzen GD38 Long
Triggered today at 16:58
-899.30% above the Signal price of 1,205.00 JPY
Neues Jahreshoch
0.08% above the Signal price of 1,901.00 USD
Turtle Trader Strategie 1 Long
Triggered today at 14:02
-896.08% above the Signal price of 1,142.00 EUR
Langfristige Trendlinie Short
Triggered today at 12:49
-9,878.26% above the Signal price of 33,047.00 HUF