Product Type Structured Notes

Green Note Fund Opportunity NOK 2026
30/12/202622.262 : 1-
Fund Opportunity Coupon 2026 VI Notes linked to Deutsche Concept Kaldemorgen LC
06/11/20261 : 1-
Interest Linked Bond 2029
15/01/20291 : 1-
Digital Variable Coupon Notes relating to the M&G Optimal Income Fund
05/09/20231 : 1-
Fund Opportunity Coupon USD 2023 Notes linked to Robeco BP US Premium Equities D USD
28/02/20231 : 1-
Fund Opportunity 2031 Notes
31/03/20311 : 1-
Fund Opportunity Coupon 2028 V Notes
31/10/20281 : 1-
Green Note Fund Opportunity relating RobecoSAM Sustainable Water Equities
XS0460006504--31/08/20281 : 1-
Fund Opportunity Coupon 2028 VI Notes
30/11/20281 : 1-
Interest Linked Bond USD 2025 III
30/06/20251 : 1-
Emerging Equities USD 2023 Notes
22/12/20231 : 1-
Fund Opportunity Coupon USD 2028 Notes
30/10/20261 : 1-
Fund Opportunity Coupon 2025 VII Notes linked to DNCA Invest - Eurose - Class A - EUR
22/01/20251 : 1-
Partial Principal Protected Note linked to the Global Megatrends Index
01/11/20271 : 1-
Fund Opportunity Coupon EUR 2027 II Notes
27/08/20271 : 1-
Fund Opportunity Coupon 2029 III Notes
28/06/20291 : 1-
Fund Opportunity Coupon 2026 III Notes linked to Nordea 1 – Stable Return Fund, BP-EUR
07/05/20261 : 1-
Interest Linked Bond 2026 II
29/07/20261 : 1-
Digital Variable Coupon Notes relating to a Basket of Fund Shares
XS0461390386--03/01/20241 : 1-
Interest linked Bond 2026 IV
30/06/20261 : 1-

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