Gold X-pert Certificate


Current price (Bid / Ask)Date: 15.10.2021, 19:59:44

  • 150.630 EUR
    10,000 pcs.
  • 150.730 EUR
    10,000 pcs.
  • Performance abs.+3.030 EUR
  • Performance in %+2.053 %
  • Month high (bid)153.210 EUR
  • Month low (bid)146.850 EUR


Current Price
+/- in %
1,768.34 USD
0 Signals

Base data

Product typeOpen-End Participation Certificate
Underlying(Underlying Name)Gold
Issue date13/07/2020
Management fee p.a.1.00%

Key Data

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Base Prospectus

The reference to the base prospectus as well as the final terms is not to be considered as a recommendation to trade this product.

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