The offer of Deutsche Bank on Swiss DOTS

Swiss DOTS (Swiss Derivatives OTC Trading System) provides Swissquote and PostFinance customers with the opportunity to trade thousands of leveraged products directly with the issuer. These can be traded from 08.00 to 22.00 at a flatrate of 9 CHF/EUR/USD commission per trade, regardless of the order value. The trader may choose between several thousand different Deutsche Bank products including Warrants, Knock-Out Warrants, Mini Futures, Open End Turbos or Constant Leverage Certificates. In the midterm it is planned to expand the offering to up to 20.000 products. The underlying assets range from international equities and indices to precious metals and commodity futures. When trading on Swiss DOTS, Investors benefit in particular from extended trading hours: products traded on Swiss DOTS may be traded, depending on the underlying, up to 14 hours per day. Thus, investment decisions can be implemented after the official closing of the Swiss Stock Exchange. Deutsche Bank only acts as a market maker for the products and quotes bid and ask prices during trading hours. Hence, investors are usually provided with a liquid market with low-bid-ask spreads on Swiss DOTS. Furthermore, Swiss DOTS allows the investor to place several kinds of order types, for instance limit- and market-orders as well as stop-loss-orders. Deutsche Bank issues new products regularly to ensure that the product range is always up to date and investors find suitable products for the current market situation.



Knock-Out Warrants      
Mini Futures      
Open End Turbos      

Underlyings tradeable up to 14 hours per day

Deutsche Bank offers a broad spectrum of different underlyings for leverage products on Swiss DOTS:

  • Swiss Equity and Indices, e.g. Roche, Credit Suisse or SMI
  • European Equity and Indices, e.g. BNP Parisbas, Bayer or Euro Stoxx 50
  • American Equity and Indices, e.g. Amazon, Tesla or Dow Jones
  • Commodities, e.g. Gold, Silver or WTI Futures

You can find all products and underlying using the product list and filter on the left hand side.

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The most important in a brief

Trading hours

Using Swiss DOTS, stocks and stock indices can be traded from 08.00 to 22.00 and precious metals, futures and currencies are available from 08.00 to 20.00.

Product range

Deutsche Bank offers over 13,000 leverage products on Swiss DOTS. These include Warrants, Warrants with Knock Out, Mini Futures, Open-End Turbos and Constant Leverage Certificates. Swiss and foreign equities, global equity indices and the main commodities are offered as underlying assets for leverage products by Deutsche Bank. The range of underlyings is being expanded on a continuous basis, so that the product portfolio is continually increasing.
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Another advantage of Swiss DOTS are the low spreads, i.e. the small differences between bid and ask prices. As a result, the transaction costs can be kept at a limit even for larger trading volumes and the products are also interesting for active investors who execute multiple transactions per day.

Transparent trading

Swiss DOTS allows customers of Swissquote and PostFinance to trade directly with the products issuers. Trading takes place exclusively over the counter (OTC), which is why the products are not listed on any stock exchange. This enables the investor to trade efficiently and cost-effective on Swiss DOTS. If a transaction is concluded at a price significantly different from current market prices, there are clear mistrade rules. This ensures that trading remains fair and transparent at all times for all the participants.

Order types

Besides limit orders and market orders, Swiss DOTS further offers the possibility of placing stop loss orders and stop limit orders. Thus, investors can choose, at which price they want to buy or sell. Stop orders are triggered at Swiss DOTS once the bid price corresponds to the specified value and does not depend on executed trades. Hence, the trade volume of a product is not decisive for the efficient execution of these types of orders.

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